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Dear all,

the following lines are to inform you about the current state of the AIR COM and AIR Control Display projects.

As you maybe know, we had to face delays in the development and certification of the product line. We have been unable to complete the system in the timeframe we had anticipated, even though a team of people has been working extra hours for several years. Based on the latest information, we know that we will very likely not be able to bring the AIR COM radio module to the market soon. Especially considering the 8.33kHz mandate which has been in effect since 2018 in most parts of Europe, this is a bitter situation for us and our customers. We duly apologize for the inconvenience this causes to you.

Since autumn 2017, we have been offering solutions based on our AIR Control Display and third-party radio modules. The AIR Control Display (ACD-57) is the core part of our new COM and Transponder product family. It controls COM and Transponder modules and serves as a fully ETSO certified altimeter. By design, AIR Control Display is compatible to a variety of external systems, including COM systems from third-party manufacturers. We have been following this path from the beginning because we believe that interoperability is to the benefit of everyone involved - you, us, and third party manufacturers.

At AIR STORE we offer bundles of ACD-57 together with radios and all required installation accessories. These bundles offer the amazing functions of our combined COM & Transponder product family today, even before our own radio module is available on the market. Also when placing orders for bundles, we will serve those of you first who have placed a preorder.

We will keep you informed about the AIR COM radio module. Preorders remain valid. You can always contact us if you have questions. Please allow some days before you receive a response from our support team, as we anticipate lots of requests in the coming days.

Kind regards

Marc Förderer - Head of Service, Support, and Marketing.


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