iPilot. Our VFR navigation app for pilots.

Powerful, affordable, simple.

iPilot features many easy to use functions. Not only for navigation but also regarding safety iPilot is of great help. The integrated airspace monitoring system actively warns from airspace infringements, integrated charts help taxiing and flying safely. The traffic system shows traffic from connected collision warning units and gives warnings in case of a collision threat.

iPilot comes with free worldwide aviation data based on openAIP that is updated for free on a daily basis.

  • The Map

    The Map in iPilot is very detailed yet easy to read. It highlights important landmarks and adapts details to the selected zoom range in order not to clutter the display. Its high resolution terrain database always shows your current terrain clearance along the planned route.

  • Airspace Awareness

    iPilot comes with free regular airspace updates (most countries even weekly). Airspace overview, sideview and airspace Nav-Boxes bring intuitive airspace awareness. iPilot warns visually and acoustically of airspace infringements.

  • Hardware

    iPilot runs on all Apple iOS® Devices (2011 or newer). It works with iPad®, iPad mini®, iPod touch® and iPhone® and perfectly adjusts to available screen-space and orientation. You can use your copy of iPilot on up to five different devices all on one purchase.

  • Charts

    iPilot is capable of displaying charts in menus or directly on the map. With our geo referenced approach-charts (currently only Germany) and our taxi charts you get perfect situational awareness.


The simple VFR app


High resolution map with terrain database. Free worldwide aviation data with free, daily updates using openAIP

DirectTo and NEAREST Function for easy routing. Comprehensive drag-and-drop route planning.

Airspace Warnings (aural and optical) and airspace overview, profile view with airspace and terrain on course

Chart integration (geo-referenced) and reporting point integration for easy pattern/procedures navigation.

Import of many common data-types. Flight recording with Google® Earth® (KML) file export. Logbook function.

Traffic display and warnings (using AIR Connect and compatible traffic systems)

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