AIR Avionics is the new trading name for the joint venture between Butterfly Avionics GmbH and Garrecht Avionik GmbH of Germany. In 2013, both companies decided to create a joint brand and to centralize customer support, sales, and development. AIR Avionics is a strong brand offering award winning technologies, innovative products and amazing customer support.

When it comes to customer service, we follow a simple philosophy: Support is Key

We are available 11 hours a day (on weekdays) via phone and eMail, our current average response time for requests is less than 5 hours. As an avionics manufacturer with 20 years of combined experience and over 20.000 products shipped all over the world, we strive to be a competent partner for customers in GA, gliding and commercial aviation.

AIR Avionics is an EASA certified (DE.21G.0173 and DE:145.0447 Garrecht Avionik GmbH) producer of high tech avionics products - made in Germany. AIR Avionics specialises in the area of traffic avoidance, Mode-S/ADS-B transponders, flight-information displays and variometer systems. Products are sold directly by AIR Avionics and through a worldwide dealer network. In addition, the portfolio contains OEM solutions, special use systems for military applications like UAVs and consumer smartphone applications as well as web-based data projects. .

The History of Butterfly Avionics

Back in 2007 the very young team consisting of Tobias Fetzer, his brother Joachim Fetzer and Marc Förderer started developing aircraft electronics whilst at college. The three college students (studying aeronautical engineering and information technology, along with life science engineering) founded Butterfly Avionics in their spare time.

After a year of serious development work, in November 2007 they were able to introduce the first product to the world, the Butterfly Traffic Display. Since then, many other products have been developed including additional Butterfly Displays, navigation apps, the co-development of the PowerFLARM series of collision warning devices and the "Butterfly Vario". Our web-Projects FLARMNet and openAIP have thousands of members and create a strong data-foundation for future projects.

Currently we employ 10 people (full time equivalents) - all of them are pilots*. Butterfly grew from a fun idea to an internationally known brand of high tech avionics systems. Our goal has always been to make flying easier and safer with innovative, quality products. We have moved to new offices in Sandhausen Germany in 2010 and continue to expand our product line together with our partners and friends at Garrecht Avionik. We have a wide network of over 100 dealers worldwide, thousands of customers and partner companies, many of them leading innovators in the avionics world.

*to be totally honest: one model aircraft pilot.

The history of Garrecht Avionik

During their time at college the two brothers Georg and Johannes Garrecht started developing a GNSS flight recorder whilst studying electronic and mechanical engineering back in 1996. "Their simple goal was to combine college studies with flying". In 1998 the "Volkslogger" flight recorder was introduced to the gliding market and has been sold with huge success in over 30 countries. In addition to the Volkslogger, they started to sell the popular "WINPILOT" navigation software.

In 2003, as a mandate for Mode-S SSR Transponders in Germany became obvious, they started developing a small and lightweight Mode-S transponder for use in GA aircraft and gliders. In parallel the company became an EASA approved manufacturer (PART 21). Device and company-certification have been reached in 2005. In 2010 the company achieved PART 145 maintenance facility approval as well. Thousands of our Mode-S transponders are now in use worldwide. In 2010 the product line was extended with collision warning devices for general aviation. Today our TRX-line of collision warning products as well as the co-developed PowerFLARM products are the most successful devices on the market.

The company currently employs 6 people with four pilots and one skydiver. With over 12.000 units sold, the company is one of the leading avionics manufacturers in Europe, now located in Bingen, Germany. Together with our friends and Partners at Butterfly Avionics we work hard on developing a new generation of quality avionics products, now branded "AIR Avionics".

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