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In our support knowledge base we provide answers to the most common questions regarding our products. Due to the high load on our hotline at the moment, we recommend using the knowledge base or writing an eMail.

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Service and Repairs

Experienced a failure or defect with an AIR Avionics device?

We have various repair and service options available to help you quickly. 

Service Alerts via eMail

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Downloads and Documentation


AIR Traffic (AT-1) Version 32

AT-1 Software Update 32 with small improvements. Please consult the manuals for details.

  • Released 06/18/2024.
  • Contains FLARM Software Version 7.24.
  • The update consists of three files (File 1 | File 2 | File 3). Sometimes, browsers block downloading three files at once. All of these three files need to be put onto the USB drive. Please wait for 15 minutes until the update is complete.

Download 3 Files

AIR Traffic Display Version 51

ATD Software Update 51 with many improvements. Please consult the manuals for details. Released 03/12/2024.

Please select the download for your ATD device:
ATD-57 ATD-80 ATD-11

COM & Transponder

ACD-57 Version 45

Contains small improvements and functional enhancements.
  • Published on 07/15/2024
  • Please note the information in the installation manual on new features and the update process.</li

Open Function License System

Download ACD Altimeter Minor Change Approval

Download 3D CAD Models

Other Files and Older Articles

TRX FLARM Update (required once in a year):

AIR Traffic Display software package (.air) in a ZIP archive. Please unzip first. IMPORTANT! Please note the special update instructions in the service bulletin and/or installation manuals.

Open radar.xml to Flarmnet converter for AIR Traffic Displays

Due to a lack of components and spare parts, we can, unfortunately, no longer offer repair services for legacy Volkslogger units. 

Various fixes and support for the latest FLARM protocol versions. Our sincere thanks from the entire team at AIR Avionics to Dave Nadler, who has updated and vastly improved the software in his spare time.

New in Version 1.2 (2433):

  • Resolved Com channel length issues
  • Log interval minimums changed
  • Integrates latest polar files
  • Increased range for te comp setting
  • Wind and OAT display on the main screen (expert setting)
  • Fixed several minor bugs

New in version 1.7:

  • Added pilot-configurable start point for scoring and optimization
  • Added zoom-level dependent display of city names on the map. 
  • Added ‘Insert Next’ option to the context menu to insert a waypoint as active/next control point in an AAT/racing task.
  • Highlight airspace warnings in the vertical profile view for easier identification.
  • Added live wind arrow and wind speed to the vario display element.
  • Added several navboxes
  • Resolved smaller issues

Please note: The city labels have to be installed in order to be visible on the map. Please find them below for download. The label installation works just like the installation of AIR Archive files for aeronautical data.

Download Display M/L Archive File (entire world airports, airspace, waypoints)

Download Display M/L city labels

Open Display S Data Download List (airports sorted by country code)