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Garrecht VT-01

VT-01 Mode-S XPDR



A new EASA Minor Change Approval specifically issued for TRX devices is available. The new approval does no longer limit installation to VFR certified aircraft. Installation with connection to certified systems and the use of exterior antennas is now possible as well.

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Discontinued Products

These products have reached their end of life years ago. We can unfortunately only provide limited support. Repairs are still performed, replacement part availability provided.

Butterfly Display ZERO

Butterfly Display ZERO


  • 22.11.14 - Segelfliegertag CH, Grenchen, CH
  • 23.11.14 - Luftsporttag NRW, Kamen, DE
  • Januar 2015 - Segelfliegertag RP
  • 07. Februar 2015 - LVB Fliegertag Bayern, Ansbach