Freeflight - Paraglider-App

Freeflight is an Apple iOS® based moving map software for paragliders and delta-pilots. It can be run on Apple's iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. Freeflight offers an entirely new level of situational awareness, comprehensive Task support, wind calculation, amazing usability and various sensor options. FreeFlight is very affordable and used by many people, from students on their first trips up to top XC pilots on record flights.

  • FreeFlight Hardware

    FreeFlight runs on many Apple iOS® devices. It works with iPad®, iPad mini®, iPod touch® and iPhone® and perfectly adjusts to available screen-space and orientation. You can use your copy of FreeFlight on up to five different devices all on one purchase.

  • FreeFlight Map

    The Map in FreeFlight is very detailed yet easy to read. It highlights important landmarks and adapts details to the selected zoom range in order not to clutter the display. Its high resolution terrain database always shows your current glide-range along the planned route.

  • FreeFlight Airspace

    FreeFlight comes with free regular airspace updates (most countries even weekly). Airspace overview, sideview and airspace Nav-Boxes bring intuitive airspace awareness. FreeFlight warns visually and acoustically of airspace infringements.

  • FreeFlight FAI

    The FAI optimizer gives you information if your currently planned route is FAI conform in realtime. It makes it possible to easily re-plan your current task for the day and still be sure to fly FAI conform triangles.

  • FreeFlight Circle

    The circling-assistant helps you center thermals. It shows where the climbrate is best in your circle and gives you hints on where to fly to. If connected to a Butterfly Vario it shows you the current live-wind indicating areas of horizontal air movement pointing to the center of the thermal.

FreeFlight Features at a Glance


free worldwide detailed terrain map with elevation data
free worldwide data with connection to
Optional Map Karte (DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung) nutzbar
easy navigation and task planning
Integration with third party sensor solutions like Flytec SensBox or ASI FlyNet
Integration with DropBox
Sideview with airspace Luftraum and terrain on course, airspace warning, optical and acoustic
Finalglide calculation with polar-database
Flight logging in IGC, KML and XML formats with logbook-function
import of own datasets, e.g. GPX, CUP etc.
HotSpot integration via

Optional Features

In FreeFlight you can easily unlock additional functionality directly in the app as an in-app-purchase.


Display of other Livetrack24 users

Crosscountry Paket

Direct upload to Online-Contests
OLC optimization
FAI optimizer


Competition tasks and task specific informations (Competition Features 24,99€)
Task-Sektors like Start-Line, Finish-Linie / Start-Cylinder Out-Entry and In-Exit / Cylinder Out-Entry and In-Exit / Finish-Cylinder

  • FreeFlight Competition Task

    What are the competition features?

    Our Competition Package adds competition task capabilites to FreeFlight. The planned route (Racing-Task) is fixed on the map to avoid accidential modification during competition flights. The user is able to insert dynamic waypoints to easily re-plan the route around obstacles or airspaces without modification of the competition task or statistics.

    Flying into and out of competition sectors is recognized, new task-legs are automatically started. A comprehensive line of special NavBoxes providing task statistical data is available.

    Basic Start-Line and Finish-Linie - Start-Cylinder Out-Entry and In-Exit - Turn Cylinder Out-Entry and In-Exit - Finish-Cylinder

  • FreeFlight and the FlyTec SensBox

    Third party Integration

    Freeflight seamlessly integrates with your every-day favorite apps and services. With our Dropbox and eMail support you can easily share flights with your friends. Our livetrack24 integration offers live tracking for friends on the ground - not only very cool but also a big plus for your safety.

    FreeFlight also communicates with external hardware. Sensor solutions like the Flytec SensBox or the FlyNet Vario enhance its functionality even more.

FreeFlight Hardware

FreeFlight uses Apple iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. These devices are intended for portable use and come with very high processing power, brilliant displays that can be read in sunlight and uniquely sophisticated operation. iGlide hardware and accessories are affordable and available everywhere. FreeFlight can be installed on up to five different Apple devices with one purchase.

iGlide iPhone

iPhone und iPod touch

iPhone and iPod touch can be installed in virtually any cockpit due to their compact size. Screens sizes are available up to four inches.

iGlide iPad mini

iPad mini and iPad

iPad and iPad mini feature large, very easy to read displays. The Apps resolution always automatically fits the used display size. 

Accessories and mounts

Suitable accessories of leading manufacturers can be directly purchased in our online store at favorable prices: AIR Store.


AIR Store iOS accessories

FreeFlight - Buy Now

Freeflight is available for purchase in the Apple AppStore. Additionally the Social Package with Livetrack24 Traffic Display and the Cross-Country-Package with direct submission to online contests, OLC optimizers as well as climb-assistant are available as In-App-Purchases. 

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