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AIR Control Display

Function license and database system

Here you can create license codes and download database files for your AIR Control Display. Please scroll down to enter a coupon code in order to download databases or obtain function license codes. You don’t have a coupon code yet? Please visit AIR STORE to purchase the desired code. 

Frequently asked questions

Which ACD-57 functions require a database, how is the database updated?

The display of COM station names and the NEAREST station function require a database. For safety reasons the database must be valid and up-to-date.

The database is stored on a microSD memory card. In order to access the database, the card has to be permanently inserted into ACD-57. A microSD memory card is supplied with the unit.

Included with delivery are two years of free database updates. To obtain a valid database, a coupon code that is supplied with the unit has to be entered below together with the device’s serial number.

After this two year period, database update entitleme can be purchased online at AIR STORE. We aim at low costs. The price for database updates covers the cost for maintaining the database and it’s update infrastructure.

Where can I get the station database? How is the process?

With the purchase of a new AIR Control Display, you are entitled to free station database updates in a two year period. A coupon code is included with the unit, printed onto a card.

To purchase new station database update entitlements after these two years, please visit AIR STORE online. After your purchase, you will receive a new coupon code via eMail.

To get a database file, the coupon code is entered below on this page. The first time you enter the code, your devices serial number and your email address have to be entered as well. This way we connect your purchase to your device. 

After having entered your data you will receive a current database file via eMail. If you want to get a new version of the database (during the time of your update entitlement), simply re-enter the coupon code below.

What are software licenses, when do I need them, and why do you require them?

In order to “unlock” some of the functions ACD-57 offers, a license code has to be purchased from us and entered into the device once. These functions are:

  • Control of TQ KRT COM Systems
  • Control of BECKER 62XX COM Systems
  • Altimeter function 

Considering its capabilities, ACD-57 is offered at a cheap price. A software license model ensures that ACD-57 can be offered at favorable prices to standard users while users with special function requirements can purchase functions separately. Without licenses, all users were to pay for development costs of special functions they may not need. The functionality of ACD-57 can be extended through licenses at any time, also after installation and while already being in service.

At AIR STORE we offer bundles of ACD-57 together with TQ or BECKER radios without additional costs for the included software licenses.

Where can I purchase function licenses? How is the process?

Please visit AIR STORE to purchase the desired function license.

After your purchase, you will receive a coupon code via eMail. This code is entered below on this page together with your devices serial number. This way we connect your purchase to your device. 

After having entered the coupon code you will receive a license code via eMail. If you want to obtain the license code again simply re-enter the coupon code below.

This license code is entered into your device. Please open the configuration menu and go to LICENSES and INSTALL to enter the license code.

My eMail address has changed, what now?

You can change your eMail address linked to your coupon code any time. Please open this page and enter your new eMail address together with your coupon code.

Enter your coupon code

Please enter your coupon code on the linked page below. The first time a coupon code is entered, your device serial number has to be entered as well. Please find the serial number printed onto the back of the unit or in the CONFIGURATION MENU.